May 5, 2019

How Long Can a Weed High Last?

How long can a weed high last? You should generally expect to be high for a few hours when you smoke or vape weed. However, there are many factors that come into play. Naturally, the amount of cannabis you use and your tolerance level play a big part. It can also depend on your body weight, the method of ingestion, and the potency of the product.

Although there’s no fixed time for everyone, you can figure out roughly how long a high will last depending on how you use cannabis. For instance, the length of effects when you smoke will be much shorter compared to when you take edibles, but most people will still be in the same range. Here’s a guide on how long a weed high can last.

How Long Can a Weed High Last?

Weed, marijuana or cannabis gives you various effects. When you consume it, you’ll likely feel happy and euphoric. You’ll also get a tingly physical relaxation and heightened senses. These effects are largely enjoyable, hence why people use cannabis regularly. However, many might wonder just how long a high can last.

It can vary for everyone and sometimes it takes some trial and error to figure out exactly how long and how hard marijuana will hit you. However, there are some general rules about how long the high from weed will last.

When you smoke or vape cannabis, you should usually expect to feel high for around 2-4 hours. Peak effects will usually wear off within an hour or so, but you’ll still get some trace effects. A marijuana edible high lasts for much longer- sometimes up to 8 hours or more. Using cannabis concentrates or cannabis oils can also give you a fairly long high, but this will usually be around 2-4 hours.

The potency and the length of your high still depend on numerous factors. The type of product and its potency makes a difference. Exactly how you use it also makes a difference. For instance, smoking out of a bong instead of a spliff can result in longer-lasting effects, or at least people perceive so. Your tolerance level will also affect how you experience effects.

How Long Can a Weed High Last

How Long Does the High Last from Smoking Weed?

The most common way to ingest weed is by smoking cannabis strains. When you smoke cannabis, effects will come on instantly and also last for a while. Effects can depend on the potency of the strain you use and how much you smoke, but in general, you can expect the high to last for around the same time.

The high from smoking weed will usually last for around 2-4 hours. Peak effects will take place at around one hour, but you’ll still feel high for a while afterward.

The method of consumption can change this significantly. Smoking from a spliff usually leads to milder and shorter effects, especially when you mix tobacco with weed. On the other hand, smoking from a bong or pipe can give you a powerful and long-lasting high for a few hours at least.

How Long Does the High Last from Vaping Weed?

Vaping has arisen as a popular, smokeless alternative method of weed consumption. You can vape strains of dry cannabis, cannabis concentrates, and specially designed cannabis vape-oils complete with THC.

Of course, the product you choose will affect how long your high lasts. But in general, the high from vaping weed will last for around the same amount of time as a smoking high. This means you should expect to feel high for around 2-4 hours with peak effects at around half an hour to an hour.

One study discovered that vaping can produce stronger effects than smoking. This means you may feel high for longer as the THC effects will be more intense.

How Long Can a Weed Edibles High Last?

The high from weed edibles is very different from the high you’d get from smoking or vaping weed. When you take edibles, the THC needs to be digested and converted by 11-hydroxy-THC by your liver before you feel effects. This is a stronger form of THC which results in much more potent effects. You’ll still feel happiness, euphoria, pain relief, and get all of the same medical benefits, but they will be much stronger.

Since the cannabinoids need to be ingested before having an effect, you won’t feel high from weed edibles till around an hour to two hours after ingestion. However, when the high does hit you, it’ll hit you hard.

The high from marijuana edibles generally lasts for around 4-8 hours. Some users may even feel residual effects for up to 12 hours. This is the most potent and long-lasting way to get the effects of cannabis.

How to Reduce a Weed High

Of course, it’s easy enough to increase your high simply by smoking or vaping more cannabis. However, it’s also easy to get too high. Whether you’ve taken too many edibles or smoked too much weed, you may want to reduce your high if the effects become uncomfortable.

The best approach for dealing with a strong high is to simply relax, enjoy the effects, and wait for it to wear off. In fact, sleeping can be particularly effective for riding out your high. The effects of THC make it much easier to sleep, so this helps too.

If you want to reduce your high faster, you may want to drink water or eat food. This will help you reduce effects and flush more THC out of your system.


How long your weed high lasts can depend on the product, the potency, the method of consumption, and how exactly your body handles it. But, in general, you should expect to feel high for around 2-4 hours and maybe feel some residual effects afterward.

The high from weed edibles will be longer- they can make you feel high for around 4-8 hours. Concentrates and oils can also give you a long-lasting high, although the effects won’t be too different from smoking or vaping high-THC cannabis strains. Whichever way, you can induce enjoyable effects for a few hours and it’s easy to increase your high when you need to.


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