June 25, 2019

Indica High vs Sativa High

Indica or sativa, which one should you choose? The two different kinds of marijuana strains are harvested from different species of the plant, each with their own unique physical attributes. But in addition to the differences between the plants, there’s also a difference between the effects they give you. Sometimes when you’re choosing the type of weed to buy it can be a battle of indica high vs sativa high.

Both kinds of strains produce enjoyable effects yet they do so in very different ways. Generally, indica strains are famed for giving users a relaxing and sometimes even sedating high. It’s much more body-focused and ideal for evening use. On the other hand, sativa strains are known to stimulate mental creativity and focus and can even give you an extra burst of energy. What’s more, the two strains differ in their medical benefits and medical users often make their choice based on the symptoms they’re aiming to treat.

Of course, you can also choose from a variety of hybrid strains which give you a cross between both indica and sativa effects. But even then, many hybrids lean one way or the other. So indica high vs sativa high, what’s the right situation for each? Here’s a guide to indica vs sativa strains.

Indica High Effects

Indica strains are characterized by their relaxing effects. Usually, you’ll get more of a body high with a euphoric and tingly feeling. They can also help relax your mind and relieve you of any stress and worries. Indica strains are also good for those who need something to help them unwind and sleep in the evening.

Pure indica strains will instantly give you a wave of blissful, soothing physical relaxation when you smoke them. Your body will be relieved of pain and tension while you’ll feel yourself sinking into a strong physical high. Strong indica strains will make you experience couch-lock, where you’ll feel like you can’t get up. These relaxing effects are perfect for kicking back on the couch and watching some Netflix or chilling out with friends.

They also have nice, calming effects for the mind. Indica strains can take away your anxiety and stress and leave you in an almost dreamy state. Whether you choose to listen to music or watch TV shows, your senses will be heightened and things will seem funnier and more intriguing.

As the high wears on, you’ll likely just want to sleep. Indica strains with high THC levels are particularly good for helping you get some quality rest. Because of these effects, indica strains are best used in the evening or at night time when you don’t need to be productive and have the freedom to totally relax.

Indica High Effects

Sativa High Effects

Sativa strains pose a stark contrast to indica strains. While indicas are known to physically and mentally relax you, sativas can often have the opposite effect, stimulating your mind and energizing your body. While they can still have some soothing physical effects, they’re much more prominent for their invigorating mental effects.

When you smoke a pure sativa strain, you’ll instantly feel happy, bubbly, and much more mentally stimulated. It’ll heighten your senses and make you feel much more creative and focused. It’s great for taking on any kind of task- if you like creating music or writing, it’s even better when you’re under the influence of sativa strains.

While the sativa high is more head-focused, you can still get some nice physical effects. Sativa strains can make you feel more energetic, but they still have a soothing effect on your body. They can help relieve pain and tension, albeit not quite as much as indica strains.

Sativa strains are perfect for those who need a wake-and-bake to perk them up and make them feel ready to take on the day. They’re also good for daytime use for those who need some mental stimulation. You can also use sativa strains in social situations- they’ll make you happier and more social. However, if you want to get some rest you may want to avoid them in the evening- they often have the opposite effect.

Indica High Medical Benefits

While the indica high is fantastic for recreational users, it can be even more beneficial for medical marijuana users who want relief for certain symptoms. The calming body and head high has all kinds of uses when it comes to your health.

Most prominently, indica strains are perfect for users who want to treat pain and inflammation. The relieving, tingly body high can instantly reduce feelings of pain and even reduce inflammation. Marijuana is much safer than pain medications and the effects are instant. Many chronic pain patients report that marijuana helps with pain, reduces their stress, and helps them sleep.

The mental effects are also useful for those who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. Indica strains can put you at ease mentally, relieving you of any stressful thoughts. Smoking too much or using strains with high levels of THC can exacerbate anxiety in some users, but for the most part, indica strains help reduce anxiety symptoms.

Indica strains are also perfect for tackling insomnia. Not only can they get rid of insomnia symptoms like pain and anxiety, but they also have sedative effects which make it much easier for you to get to sleep. Research shows that many users use cannabis to help with their sleep problems.

There are also numerous other benefits of indica strains. They’re great for helping with headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and lack of appetite. They’ll also give you all of the general benefits of cannabis, such as its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anticancer effects. They have a wide gamut of uses, but indica strains are particularly good for pain and insomnia.

Sativa High Medical Benefits

Sativa High Medical Benefits

Sativa strains also have their medical uses. The positive head high is particularly useful for counteracting symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. The energizing effects can also help with problems related to fatigue, and they also provide some soothing physical effects.

Users who need help with mood disorders are best off using sativa strains. The high is incredibly uplifting, instantly making users happier and more motivated. A 2018 study found that it only takes two hits of cannabis to instantly reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. The high given by sativa strains is generally the best for this.

Although the physical high isn’t quite as strong as with indica strains, sativa strains can still help with physical ailments. They’ll give you mild, soothing effects which can counteract aches, strains, and general pain. They can also help with headaches and migraines.

Sativa strains can help boost your energy, and those who suffer from symptoms of chronic fatigue will find them highly useful. Sativa strains can also make you more mentally focused which can help with conditions such as ADHD.

Most users find sativa strains incredibly uplifting and, as such, the mental benefits are its prime benefit. You’ll also get all of the general benefits of marijuana, helping to fight off and prevent various health problems.

Indica High vs Sativa High: Which Should You Choose?

So with the effects of indica strains and sativa strains outlined, which one should you go for? The choice can depend on a few factors such as whether you need relief for specific symptoms or which kind of high you’re looking for.

Indica strains are the best choice when you want pure relaxation. They’re perfect for chilling out on the couch after a long day and relieving all of your stress and tension. They’ll calm down both your mind and your body, easing you into a blissful state which makes it much easier to relax or simply lay back and enjoy some music and TV shows.

Indica strains are also the best choice for medical users who want relief for pain and inflammation. The physical effects are particularly strong and can help with everything from chronic pain to migraines. They’re also great for knocking out stress and improving your sleep.

On the other hand, if you need some motivation and energy, you’re better off with a sativa strain. Sativa strains can instantly make you feel more alert and focused. They’re fantastic for daytime use when you have tasks to take on. They’re also perfect for creative types who want a boost in mental energy and creativity. They’re often used first thing in the morning to start the day off right.

Medical users who need relief for anxiety and depression will also benefit from sativa strains. They can rapidly improve your mood and give you extra motivation. Sativa strains are also good for those who suffer from issues such as chronic fatigue. They can also help with physical symptoms, albeit indica strains are usually better for this.

Both strains have their uses and many users keep a stash of both indica and sativa strains. You may prefer to use a sativa strain at morning and an indica strain at night, so there’s no harm in buying both kinds of strains.

Indica High vs Sativa High Which Should You Choose

Best Indica Strains to Buy Online

Looking for a soothing and relaxing high? You can now buy indica strains online for delivery. From popular strains to hidden gems, there’s a huge selection to choose from. Here are some of the best indica strains to buy online.

Granddaddy Purple – Also known as GSP, Granddaddy Purple is one of the most well-renowned indica strains. It’s a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud that gives users an exquisite high, putting them in a dream-like state with all-over tranquilizing body effects. If you need a strain to knock out pain and stress or simply to help you relax, GSP is perfect.

Dark Side of the Moon – It’s fitting that Dark Side of the Moon gets its name from the legendary Pink Floyd album. Not only will it give you a great psychoactive experience, but it’s also one of the best strains for relaxation and sleep. It also has a great mix of earthy, spicy, and fruity flavors which will tantalize your taste buds whether you choose to smoke or vape it.

LA Confidential – This powerful indica is known for making users happy and sleepy. It’s ideal for kicking back at the end of the day and relishing in its soothing effects. It’ll quickly put your mind at ease with a happy and euphoric high while also relieving your body of any physical tension. All around, this is one of the best indica strains.

Best Sativa Strains to Buy Online

If you want a more energizing and stimulating high, then you can also buy sativa strains online for delivery. Again, there are many to choose from and here are some of the most popular choices.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a prime choice for anyone. Not only does it give you one of the best sativa highs, but it’s also one of the best strains for medical users. It’ll quickly put you in a state of happiness and bliss, stimulating your mind and making any task you take part in more fun. Plus, with its sweet blueberry taste, it’s easy for anyone to enjoy.

Strawberry Cough – Strawberry Cough is a delicious strain that mimics the taste of strawberries. It’ll also give you a phenomenal sativa high, making you feel optimistic and energetic. If you need a fun daytime strain to keep you alert and focused, Strawberry Cough is always a good choice.

Pink Lady – Pink Lady is a brilliant strain that’ll make you happy, creative, and social. You can enjoy it at any time of the day. While it leans more towards sativa effects, it also has some indica genetics which will bring you some smooth physical relaxation.

Best Sativa Strains to Buy Online


It’s hard to go wrong with marijuana. Whether you choose an indica or sativa strain, both will give you an incredible high full of enjoyable effects. Indicas are perfect for those times when you just want to relax and relish in a psychoactive head high whereas sativas are ideal for the times when you want some energy and mental focus. There’s a huge variety of both, and it’s always best to stock up on both so you can get the best of both worlds.


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