May 21, 2019

How to Know If your Weed is Fresh

Freshness is important when it comes to your bud. Weed that hasn’t been cared for properly can grow mold, become stale, and lose its potency and flavor. Nothing beats a nice fresh stash of weed that’s packed with trichomes, smells good, and tastes even better. Because of this, it helps to know how to know if your weed is fresh or not.

There are many ways you can determine the freshness of your cannabis flower. Its appearance, smell, taste, and even the ash that burning it creates can all be identifying factors. Here’s a guide on how to know if your weed is fresh and how to keep it that way.

Look at the Color of Your Weed

One of the best ways to know if your weed is fresh is simply to check its appearance. Good quality weed will look fresh and colorful, with green buds and often colorful hairs depending on the strain.

On the flipside, weed that’s lost its freshness will look brittle, weak, and pale. Weed that hasn’t been kept fresh can degrade and turn into dry, powdery leaves. You should also avoid any mold or moisture. If your weed starts to look brown or has white mold growing on it, then it’s best to simply avoid it.

You can usually tell when the weed is fresh when it’s colorful, usually with orange hairs and hues of green and sometimes purple. This is weed that’s high-quality and good to smoke.

Look at the Color of Your Weed

Check for Trichomes

Another simple check to determine whether your weed is fresh is to look for trichomes. Trichomes are the crystals that grow on the hairs of your weed. These actually contain much of the THC content and are what help you get high.

Trichomes can take on different appearances. For instance, they can be pale or cloudy depending on the levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. However, if your bud is packed with crystal-like trichomes, this is when you know you have fresh, good quality weed.

Take in the Smell and Taste

When weed goes bad, it often loses its strong aroma and taste. These aspects often come from the terpenes in weed. The fresher the weed is, the higher the terpenoid content and the richer the smell and taste will be.

Strong, fresh weed can have all kinds of aromas, but it’ll likely have a strong scent. THC-packed weed is known for having a dank, skunk-like smell. However, strains can also have tones of fruit, pine, herbs, spices, and many other scents. Nonetheless, if your weed smells good and looks good, it’ll most likely be good.

The taste can also tell you just how fresh your weed is. If your tastebuds pick up strong, rich flavors when you smoke it, you know your weed is still fresh. If the taste starts to weaken, you might need to take better care of your bud. Vaping can also be an excellent way to get the best of the flavor.

Avoid Seeds and Stems

Avoid Seeds and Stems

If you want high-quality weed, you should avoid seeds and stems. It’s the fresh, thick buds that give you the powerful effects of cannabis. If you find yourself with weed that’s full of stem and seed content, this is bad weed.

It’s important to buy from reputable sellers. Legal marijuana stores and online sales now make it much easier to get good, fresh weed. For instance, sells a range of high-quality cannabis strains.

The less stem and seed content your weed has, the better. Good weed should look thick and packed with hairs and trichomes as opposed to a mess of unnecessary material.

Burn It

Smoking is always an effective way to determine just how fresh your weed is. The taste and the quality of the smoke can tell you a lot about how the potency has held up. However, there’s also another small trick you can use to see how fresh your weed is.

When you smoke a joint or spliff, check on the ashes of your weed. Fresh weed will produce black and white ash, with the freshest being whiter. Dark black ashes may suggest your weed is full of tar and the quality isn’t great.

How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Now you know how to know if your weed is fresh, you should also know how to keep it that way. Putting some effort into properly storing and stashing your weed can make a lot of difference. You’ll ensure that your buds stay potent and fresh, keeping both their flavor and the strength of their effects.

There are a few common methods for storing your weed to maintain maximum freshness. One is to use glass jars such as mason jars. Fill them up as much as possible so less oxygen is there to break down the weed. Make sure the lid is sealed tightly and stash the jar away in a cool, dry place to prevent sunlight or heat affecting your product.

You can also use a wooden container or a cannabis humidor. A humidor is a specially-designed wooden box which is designed to maintain the right temperature and light levels to keep your cannabis fresh. If you use this method, make sure to buy a humidor specifically for cannabis- cigar or tobacco humidors won’t work as well.

It can also help to use a humidity pack in your weed jar or container. These are small and inexpensive packs which help to maintain the right humidity levels for optimum freshness. All you need to do is slip one into your container for cannabis.


If you need help on how to know if your weed is fresh, all of these methods can help. The appearance alone can tell you a lot from the color and aesthetic quality of the weed. However, you can tell even more from smoking it and observing the taste and effects.

Make sure you store weed safely, keep it away from moisture, and avoid any moldy weed at all costs. If you need to know where to buy fresh, premium weed, check out the wide selection of strains at All of these are available for delivery across Canada.


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