June 5, 2019

How to Clone Weed Plants

Adults in many Canadian provinces can now grow their own weed. You need to be of legal age, and you can only grow up to four plants at a time, but it’s a great project for any marijuana lover to take on and you can end up with mass quantities of homegrown weed. While most users plant their marijuana using seeds, another method is to use clones. But beginners may wonder what are weed clones and how to clone weed plants.

Making a clone involves taking a cutting from another weed plant and replanting it. The cutting will then develop roots of its own and grow into an identical plant. Many users prefer this method as you can reproduce your best plants in a cost-effective way. But you’ll need to know how to clone weed plants first. Here’s a beginner’s guide to clones.

What are Clones?

There are two different ways to plant a marijuana plant. Usually, people buy marijuana seeds which are available in many different types of strains. However, you can also take cuttings of a mature marijuana plant and replant the cutting to reproduce it. These cuttings are known as clones.

When you use clones, you can grow a plant genetically identical to the plant you took the cutting from. As such, you can take cuttings from your best marijuana plants and clone them to produce more high-quality weed. It’ll also save you on the cost of buying more seeds as you can simply keep cloning the plants you’ve already grown.

You can use clones of your own plants or a friends plant. Some people even order clones online, although these are often more prone to damage in the delivery process. If you have a healthy weed plant and want to reproduce it, making clones is a useful and free method to grow more.

Benefits of Using Marijuana Clones

Benefits of Using Clones

When you make clones from cuttings instead of growing plants from scratch using seeds, you save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort. There are a few significant benefits of using clones over seeds which makes them an attractive option.

When you use seeds, you have to wait for the seeds to germinate before they begin to grow. Sometimes, this can take a few days. Using cuttings allows you to go straight to the growing process and save yourself some time. You can even shed weeks off the time it takes for your plants to be ready for harvesting.

Of course, you also won’t have to pay anything extra for seeds. You can take as many cuttings as you want and grow extra plants, then take cuttings from those plants. You should avoid cloning the same plants too much, but it is a cheap and convenient way to grow more weed.

When you buy seeds, you also have to hope that you’ll end up with high-quality plants. When you use clones, you can take cuttings from the best plants and grow more of them. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of growing.

Drawbacks of Using Clones

So why doesn’t everyone use clones? Although it’s a cost-effective and smart way to make reproductions of high-quality marijuana plants, it does have its drawbacks.

Planting clones can be a lot trickier than planting seeds. While planting seeds is generally a safe bet, cuttings are much more sensitive and can easily die without the right care. Plants grown from seeds are generally much healthier and less prone to issues in the growing process.

They can also inherit genetic problems such as a weak immune system or diseases. Diseases and weakness in plants can often go unseen, so you run the risk of reproducing an unhealthy plant. What’s more, it might not be until weeks into the growing process that you notice your plants start to weaken.

How to Clone Weed Plants

How to Clone Weed Plants

If you have a good, healthy weed plant and want to make clones, you’ll need to take a few steps. Make sure you use gloves and a sterile knife to avoid any damage to the plant. You should also avoid using fertilizer for a few days before taking cuttings so the cuttings don’t contain too much nitrogen. You should also get some Rockwool cubes to plant your cuttings into.

Choose a plant with plenty of healthy, alternating branches. Take cuttings of around 4-8 inches, using the newest branches possible. Cut slightly below the fresh growth at around a 45-degree angle with your knife or scissors.

Put your cuttings into water immediately after taking them to preserve their health. If there are any large leaves at the bottom of your cutting, snip these off. You can now place your clone into a moist starter cube.

You’ll now want to place your cuttings in an area that’s wet and warm with a temperature of around 22-25 °C. After the first couple of days, apply more light using a CFL bulb or sunlight. The rest of the growing process works much in the same way as growing plants from seeds. Be sure to take care of your plants with nutrients, sunlight, and the right temperatures.

Clones vs Seeds: Which Should You Use?

Seeds and clones both have their benefits and either of them can make for good grows. But there are a few significant factors which will likely impact your decision.

Growing weed plants from cuttings is cheaper and faster. You won’t have to wait for them to germinate like seeds and taking cuttings from your own plants is completely free. In fact, you can keep cloning plants and make even more without buying extra seeds.

On the flipside, plants grown from cuttings are often weaker than plants grown from seeds. You need to clone the absolute best plants, as any with any kind of disease or weakness can end up wasting your time. You can also use autoflowering seeds for even faster grows, whereas cuttings won’t grow as fast.

Both can be great ways to grow your own weed plants and you may want to experiment with both. However, in most cases, beginners should stick to seeds as these usually require less care and skill.

Clones vs Seeds Which Should You Use


If you’ve grown a healthy marijuana plant, then cloning it is a fantastic idea to create more high-quality weed. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to grow more marijuana fast. However, keep in mind cuttings are often more sensitive and prone to damage. You may want to start growing with seeds and move on to cuttings as you become more experienced. If growing isn’t for you, you can always skip the whole process and buy cannabis online.


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