June 7, 2019

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

Cannabis users today are spoilt for choice. Long gone are the days when people just smoked strains of weed or cannabis concentrates- there are now many different kinds of ways to enjoy the effects of cannabis and legal ways to get them in Canada. One of the most popular cannabis products is Cannabis Oil, a tincture-based product which has fast-acting effects. But how is cannabis oil made?

Just as there are a few different ways to use cannabis oil, there are also a few different ways to make it. In fact, you can even make it right at home- although professionally made cannabis oil is much better. Here’s a guide on cannabis oil, how it’s made, how to get it, and how to use it.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a liquid cannabis product which takes extracts from marijuana and infuses them into the oil. Many people prefer oils to smoking or vaping cannabis flower, especially as it works fast, doesn’t harm your lungs, and often has an enjoyable taste. It’s an especially popular product for medical marijuana users, but recreational users will enjoy the effects too.

People usually take cannabis oil by absorbing it underneath their tongue. When cannabis oil is absorbed or consumed, the cannabinoids attach to receptors in your body to provide all the amazing effects of cannabis. Some oils give you the psychoactive effects of THC, effectively making you high within minutes. Some contain pure cannabidiol- a cannabinoid known for its health benefits. Some oils also contain both to give you both recreational and medical effects.

Many users choose cannabis oil for convenience. It’s also a cost-effective product that can last you for a long time. Plus, it goes down well and doesn’t cause any damage to your respiratory system, making it a very attractive method of consumption.

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

There are many different kinds of cannabis oils and different ways to make them. These methods involve extracting the chemical compounds from marijuana flower until you’re left with pure, THC and CBD laced oil.

Some methods require a lot of equipment. For instance, some high-quality cannabis oil is made using CO2 extraction, involving a complex process to isolate the cannabinoids. It can also be extracted by using Ethanol to dissolve away the plant material. It can even be infused into cooking oils such as Olive Oil or Coconut Oil for a simpler way to make cannabis oil.

While oil made from marijuana contains high levels of THC and CBD, some brands also create Hemp Oil which contains the benefits of CBD. These products are especially popular in countries where marijuana is illegal but hemp isn’t.

How to Make Cannabis Oil with Cooking Oil

If you want to make your own cannabis oil, one of the easiest methods is to infuse it into cooking oil. This will give you potent cannabis oil which you can either use for cannabis edible recipes or apply under your tongue.

You’ll need to start by decarboxylating your cannabis. You can do this by applying your ground up cannabis flower onto an oven tray and putting it in a 245ºF preheated oven. Let it heat slowly for around 30-40 minutes, shaking it every 10 minutes to ensure the cannabis is heated evenly. Alternatively, you can buy a Decarboxylator online for this process.

You can now add a cup of coconut oil and a tablespoon of Lecithin to a crockpot or double boiler. Lecithin helps with absorption. You can now add a cup (around 7 grams) of your decarboxylated cannabis. Heat for around 8-12 hours at 160°F.

After finishing, strain the contents of the crockpot/boiler through a strainer or cheesecloth. This will separate the oil from the plant material, leaving you with cannabis-infused coconut oil. You can use this like regular cannabis oil or add it to recipes and drinks to make tasty cannabis edibles.

There are other methods to make your own cannabis oil, for instance by using alcohol. These are usually a bit more complicated, although you can find guides on YouTube and online.

How to Make Cannabis Oil with Cooking Oil

How to Buy Cannabis Oil

Although it can be interesting to make your own cannabis oil, there’s usually no need. There are plenty of high-quality, readymade cannabis oils available to buy online for delivery. With cannabis oils, you’ll generally get a great price for the amount they give you and they can last you for a long time.

You can find a range of cannabis oils at KushGuys.ca along with other products such as strains, concentrates, and edibles. All of these are available to order for delivery anywhere in Canada.

If you want both the psychoactive and medical benefits of marijuana, try 1:1 CBD-THC Tincture. It contains a level dose of both cannabinoids to give you the best of both worlds.

300mg CBD Tincture gives you pure CBD in oil form with no psychoactive effects. If you need something for medical perks that won’t get you high, this is a great choice for you.

THC Phoenix Tears is a potent oil with high levels of THC. This is ideal for recreational users who want the psychoactive effects of cannabis in full force.

How to Use Cannabis Oil

Using cannabis oil is easy. The most effective way to use it is to measure your dose in the dropper and apply it underneath your tongue. You can absorb it into your body by holding it under your tongue for around 60-90 seconds.

Alternatively, you can add cannabis oil to cannabis edibles or infuse drinks with it. When taken orally, the cannabinoids will need to be digested before they take effect. This can take up to two hours but produce a stronger high than usual.

How to Use Cannabis Oil


Cannabis Oils are one of the best cannabis products out there due to their versatility and convenience. Cannabis Oil is made in many different ways- you can simply infuse cannabis into cooking oil or use processes which involve CO2 or alcohol to separate the cannabinoids from the plant matter. While you can make your own, it’s incredibly easy to buy quality made cannabis oil online nowadays at cheap prices.


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