Clients Reviews

  • blah

    I had a great first experience at There was a large selection of different strains to choose from and it arrived fast and safe! Accurate amounts and amazing highs, too

  • steven705

    This website is revolutionary. You get it fast, discreet and the staff online is always reliable and useful. Great products. Great services. Will buy again and again

  • msmichelle

    very very impressed of product the kush is just so fucking amazing and i never get high like that , keep going guys you rock

  • harold_420

    I am quite regular at this amazing place best service and cannabis hands down always highly recommend for Canadian smokers

  • jonstandavis

    I’m docking one star as there was a minor glitch in shipping…this was more than made up in good will and swift follow up. Very positive experience; neato and innovative packaging too. Let’s not forget the products…100% as advertised…going to be some tasty treats up in here for a while!

  • alexsi_9

    Have enjoyed products very much. Great prices, really nice containers and good delivery time too. Thanks for the service 🙂

  • straight_6

    Good selection, good price’s, fast shipping. I will buy again and I will recommend. 5 Stars all-around!

  • reddred

    Very pleased all around. Def will order again. Thanks

  • toddytg

    beyond expectations! fast delivery and unbelievable price! I’ll buy again and highly recommend!

  • nikxil

    Just received my first order in the mail! Took exactly 1 week from the time I placed my order online for it to get to me, and there was a long weekend in the middle of my transit time which probably caused a delay. Happy with the variety and pricing they have online and very happy with my shipment! Ill be sticking with from now on! I should add that that they shipped my order within 24 hours of me placing it and I live all the way in Toronto so coming from BC that shipping time was blessed. Thanks guys!

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