April 2, 2019

Canada Marijuana Pricing Guide

Canadians have many choices when it comes to buying marijuana in 2019. Canada’s marijuana system is chaotic and disorganized. In Canada, legal marijuana, mail-oder-marijuana, and medical marijuana all come together to form a jumbled system that provides Canadians with safe and easy access to cannabis products.

This chaos has proven to be beneficial for Canadians who now have access to a wide range of marijuana products at a wide range of prices. However, with so many options, finding and keeping track of the best prices can be confusing. So, let us help you! Keep reading to find out how much marijuana products cost across Canada.

How Much Does Weed Cost In Canada?

The price of legally licensed marijuana differs from province to province. This is because each province has adopted its own legal framework for the legalization of cannabis. On top of regional price differences, the price of weed will also depend on the quality of the flower, the THC content of the flower, and the kind of strain it is derived from.

The legalization of recreational marijuana has had a significant impact on the pricing of cannabis products. The nation-wide shortage of marijuana buds that occurred immediately after legalization is still affecting prices today. One recent study found that the average cost of a gram of marijuana rose by nearly 15% following legalization.

The price of marijuana flower buds depends on their quality. Most dispensaries prefer to use a letter grading system where ‘A’ represents the lowest quality possible, and ‘AAAAA’ represents the highest quality possible. Grade ‘A’ weed can cost as little as $7 per gram in licensed dispensaries, and $5 per gram online. By comparison, ‘AAAAA’ quality cannabis will cost a minimum of $11-$12 per gram in local dispensaries, and $10 per gram online.

The Maritime provinces feature some of the lowest cannabis prices in Canada. Nova Scotia’s ‘Value’ quality buds start from as low as $6.33. Meanwhile, Newfoundland and Labrador have seen buds priced between $6.75 and $7.00.

The province of Ontario sells some of the cheapest high-quality weed in Canada, with official prices topping out at approximately $11 per gram. Meanwhile, Quebec has seen prices similar to those being offered in the Maritimes, at times reaching as low as $7 per gram.

Cannabis prices in Western Canada are much higher than the rest of Canada. Pricing in Alberta and Manitoba usually starts at $9 per gram and tops out in the $15-$16 range. While in Saskatchewan, the average price per gram after legalization was roughly $13.

How Much Does Weed Cost In Canada

Is There A Difference Between Recreational And Medicinal Pricing?

Yes, but its a small difference. A recent nation-wide survey of marijuana prices found the average recreational gram of marijuana to cost $8.09. By comparison, the average gram of medicinal marijuana cost $9.11.

Despite the added cost, many medical marijuana users refuse to switch over to the recreational system. Many patients prefer the medical system because of the wide range of medical marijuana products it carries, and because it provides them with a reserved stock of marijuana just for medical use.

How Much Does Online Mail Order Marijuana Cost In Canada?

As a result of the product shortages and price increases experienced by licensed dispensaries, many Canadians have opted to purchase their cannabis online. Mail-order-marijuana offers Canadians a range of benefits including better pricing, flexible discounts, and fast shipping times.

Mail-order-marijuana is almost always cheaper than licensed dispensary marijuana. A quick look at online prices would indicate that grams of marijuana can reach as low as roughly $5.50 when purchased individually. Being free of the regulatory frameworks that bind legal dispensaries, and the taxes that gouge Canadian consumers, mail-order-marijuana dispensaries can consistently offer low prices.

One of the main advantages of mail-order-marijuana is bulk pricing. Most licensed dispensaries refuse to provide Canadians with any kind of bulk pricing discounts. This results in huge price disparities when buying in larger amounts.

For instance, while the average ounce (28 grams) of licensed dispensary weed costs over $200, ounces of mail-order-marijuana can be purchased for as little as $125. Moreover, ounces of lower quality weed are regularly sold for as little of $100-$110. As such, bargain hunters may want to wait for online sales rather than wasting their money at local dispensaries.

The only real downside to mail-order-marijuana is delivery costs. The average mail-order-marijuana service charges $15 for Canada Post Xpresspost shipping. However, most services typically offer free shipping for purchases over $100 or $150.

How Much Does Online Mail Order Marijuana Cost In Canada

How Much Do Concentrates Cost In Canada?

The term ‘concentrates’ refers to a wide range of concentrated cannabis products. This includes hash, shatter, budder, oils, and waxes, among others. The exact price of a concentrate will depend on its exact type and potency.


Hashish is the most common kind of marijuana concentrate available on the market. For thousands of years, hash has been consumed similarly to marijuana, being smoked out of pipes or ingested orally. While it is certainly more potent than regular flower buds, hash is considered to be the least potent concentrate you can buy.

The price of hash will depend on the kind of hash being purchased. Lower quality Afghan hash can be purchased both locally and online for roughly $10 per gram. Moroccan hash tends to be a bit pricier, usually ranging between $15 and $20 per gram, depending on quality. Mid-range bubble-hash can typically be found at prices ranging from $20 to $25 per gram. And finally, high-quality full-melt hash will typically run anywhere from $25 to $35 per gram, depending on quality and source.

As with flower buds, most mail-order-marijuana services will offer you a bulk discount for purchases of hashish. So if you really like hash, it might be a better idea to buy it online and in bulk, rather than bit by bit from local dispensaries.

Wax Concentrates

Solvent-based and solvent-less wax concentrates have quickly become some of the most popular marijuana products in Canada. The most common kinds of concentrates include shatter, crumble, budder, crystalline, sap, dry sift, and rosin. These kinds of concentrates are usually considered to be anywhere from 3 to 5 times more potent than the average marijuana flower.

Shatter is the most accessible and cost-effective concentrate on the Canadian market. These thin sheets of solidified wax can reach as low as $15 per half-gram or $30 per gram. However, Canadians should be careful when buying shatter as some dispensaries tend to intentionally overprice it. This is especially true for branded shatter that claims to be of superior quality. In general, the lighter the color of your shatter, the purer it is.  

Other concentrates tend to be slightly more expensive than shatter. However, rosin is often very similarly priced and can sometimes be found for as little as $30 per gram.

Wax Concentrates price in canada

Oils and Vape Pens

Oil-based concentrates are usually either smoked or vaped, although some can also be consumed orally or sublingually. The two most common kinds of commercially available oils are CO2 oils and THC Distillates.

Oils are most commonly sold for the purpose of vaporizing, and, as such, tend to come in disposable or refillable cartridges. They are usually considered to be just as potent as wax concentrates. Distillates are actually more potent than wax concentrates, having been known to reach purity levels of as high as 99% THC.

The prices of oil cartridges typically depends on brand name, oil type, and oil potency. 500mL cartridges of CO2 oil can reach as low as $30, and as high as $60. Distillates can similarly be found for as low as $30 per 500mL, but can regularly reach the $50-$60. As with all concentrates, prices for oils tend to fluctuate a lot, and Canadians should shop around before buying.

Disposable vape pens are available for consumers seeking maximum convenience. These pens come fully-charged and ready to use with pre-loaded oil cartridges. Simply take them out of the box, use them until empty, and toss them in the trash when finished. These pens can be purchased for anywhere between $40 and $70. It is not advised to regularly purchase these pens as it is worse value than simply buying a vape pen and some cartridges separately. However, they can be great in situations when you find yourself without your vaporizer.

How Much Do Edibles Cost In Canada?

The price of a marijuana-infused edible typically depends on the quality of the edible, the kind of edible being purchased, and the cannabinoid content of the edible.

When purchasing edibles online, Canadians will be able to choose between single-dose capsules, super potent single-piece edibles, or multi-packs of less potent edibles. Typically, single edibles containing large doses of THC and CBD are the best value for money. A large chocolate bar or gummy containing 300 mg of THC will cost between $20 and $30, depending on quality and branding. By comparison, a 150 mg pack of gummy worms can cost between $15-$20. Despite the convenience of being able to dose more precisely, multi-packs of edibles are almost always worse value than single-dose edibles since they cost more to produce.

Weed Edibles price in canada

THC capsules tend to vary in price depending on their contents. Capsules are usually made from either decarboxylated plant matter or infused oils. Both kinds are very similarly priced and can be found for as little as $1.50 per 20 mg of THC. With so many mail-order-marijuana services to choose from, Canadians should shop around in order to find the best deal on capsules.

Cannabis-infused edibles and beverages are expected to be formally legalized in October of 2019. It is not known what the pricing structure will look like for legal edibles but early indications are worrying. Edible content will be capped at 10 mg of cannabinoids (THC/CBD) per piece. Many analysts and consumers are worried that Canadians will be forced to buy multiple edibles at once in order to get high. As such, legal edibles are expected to be bad value for Canadians.

It remains to be seen how cost-efficient legal edibles will be, but most experts and analysts believe that Canadians will continue to buy their edibles from mail-order-marijuana services.

What About Marijuana Seeds?

Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act, permits Canadians in most provinces to grow up to four marijuana plants in their private residence. Many new seed banks and outlets have recently sprung up in order to meet the rising demand for seeds and growing equipment. As such, Canadians have a variety of options when it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds.

The price of a cannabis seed will ultimately depend on its genetics and its variety. Seeds break down into 3 varieties: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Unless the seed’s strain is extremely rare, feminized seeds will always be more expensive than regular seeds, and autoflowering seeds will always be more expensive than feminized seeds.

For the regular seeds of an average hybrid strain, Canadians should expect to pay an average of $6.50-$7 per seed. However, seeds as low as $5 are not unheard of. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the autoflowering version of the same strain will usually cost between $12-$13 per seed.

While Canadians may be able to quickly and conveniently purchase seeds from local seed banks, they are encouraged to shop online for the best prices. Since there are such a wide variety of online seed banks selling such a wide variety of seeds, it is a good idea to shop around instead of buying locally. If nothing more, Canadians may be able to take advantage of periodic sales and discounts from online retailers.

Marijuana Seeds price in canada

How Much Does CBD Cost In Canada?

When compared to the CBD products sold in Europe and the US, CBD is considered to be fairly affordable in Canada. However, Canadians may notice significant differences in pricing depending on where they buy their CBD from.

The most expensive CBD products are found in recreational dispensaries. Despite the fact that CBD is a medical cannabinoid that does not cause mind-altering effects, it can still be found alongside recreational marijuana products. However, if you choose to purchase CBD from recreational dispensaries, you are probably being overcharged. A recent review of CBD pricing found that, when purchased from a licensed dispensary, the average price for 10 mg of CBD was $1.49.

By comparison, medicinal dispensaries offer slightly better pricing on CBD products. However, Canadians should not expect much of a difference. The average price per 10 mg of CBD is closer to $1.25, although this tends to greatly fluctuate from dispensary to dispensary. In addition to lower prices, the medical market provides Canadians with access to a wider range of CBD products than those usually carried by recreational dispensaries.

The most cost-effective CBD products can be purchased online through mail-order-marijuana services. Online prices tend to vary depending on brand and quality, however, it is not uncommon to find CBD at prices of $1 per 10 mg. Because of these advantageous prices, many Canadians who regularly consume CBD prefer to purchase it online. In addition to better pricing, mail-order-marijuana services also offer better selection. The world wide web provides Canadians with access to any kind of CBD product they may desire including capsules, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and isolates.


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