July 5, 2019

Bully Bites Review

CBD has become all the rage for many medical cannabis users. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and will not get you high. However, research shows it has many medical benefits, including giving you relief for pain, anxiety, stress, and many health conditions. What’s more, it isn’t just humans who can benefit from CBD. There are now many CBD products for pets- just take Bully Bites for example.

Bully Bites offer CBD-infused treats for pets to help them get the benefits of cannabidiol. These are all safe to use and won’t cause your furry friends any harm. They also come in multiple different flavors so you can choose the best one for your pet. So how good are Bully Bites, should you use them for your pet, and where can you get them? Here’s our Bully Bites review.

What are Bully Bites?

Bully Bites are dog treats infused with CBD. These treats are organic and gluten-free, making them easily digestible for your dogs. What’s more, they also come with no artificial flavors or fillers, making for an extra healthy pet treat for your canine friends.

Bully Bites come in three different flavors- Wild Salmon, Turmeric & Pumpkin, and Venison & Blueberries. All of these are great for your dog, and with plenty of added CBD, they can even help with numerous health problems.

CBD or cannabidiol is known to reduce pain, relieve anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and help with many medical conditions such as Arthritis, cancer, and depression. While it’s often used by humans, dogs often suffer from the same issues and CBD can help them just as well. 

Bully Bites provide a simple and tasty way to administer CBD to your dogs safely. Each treat contains 5-6mg of CBD and each packet contains around 32-24 treats. They’re perfect for giving your dog a healthy treat that can help in many ways.

Can Bully Bites Help Your Pets?

According to research, CBD has many health benefits. CBD connects to cannabinoid receptors in the body and activates the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system has an effect on many processes around the body linked to pain, the central nervous system, mental health, and more. As such, taking CBD can have many positive effects on your health.

CBD is commonly used by humans. However, the endocannabinoid system is similar in all mammals and many studies have shown that CBD can also be used effectively for animals. Some studies have even been carried out specifically on treating dogs with CBD.

Can Bully Bites Help Your Pets

Preliminary clinical trials on using CBD for dogs with epilepsy show that CBD can help manage their symptoms. The results found that 89% of dogs in the study had a significant reduction in seizures. Further clinical trials are being planned to assess the best way to treat dogs with CBD.

Research also shows that CBD can be effective in treating dogs with osteoarthritis. The study found that giving dogs 2mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day could help reduce pain and make them more active.

Other common benefits of CBD include relief for various kinds of pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, and even cancer. While the body of research on using CBD for dogs is still limited, current research suggests that CBD generally has the same effects for dogs as it does for humans.

Where to Buy Bully Bites

CBD products are widely available in Canada. They’re legal to use and you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD products. KushGuys.ca provides a range of medical cannabis products for both humans and animals, including multiple flavors of Bully Bites. Here are the flavors you have to choose from.

Bully Bites CBD Pet Treats (Wild Salmon) – If your dog enjoys the taste of fish, these Wild Salmon pet treats are perfect for them. Each $25 packet contains around 32-34 treats each packed with 5mg of CBD. These make it easy to give your dog the daily dose of CBD they need for all kinds of symptoms.

Bully Bites CBD Pet Treats (Turmeric & Pumpkin) – If you think your dog would prefer some sweet and spicy treats, try out the Turmeric & Pumpkin Bully Bites. These are split into 32-34 servings of 6mg of CBD each.

Bully Bites CBD Pet Treats (Venison & Blueberry) – Another tasty treat that your pets will love is the Venison & Blueberry Bully Bites. Again, each of these contains 32-34 servings each containing 5mg of CBD.

Are Bully Bites Safe for Your Pets?

Naturally, any pet owner will have concerns about giving something new to their pet. However, CBD is actually a very safe substance to use. Various studies have been carried out on treating dogs with CBD and no harmful side effects have been identified.

Are Bully Bites Safe for Your Pets

A study on using CBD for dogs with arthritis found no observable side effects from giving CBD to dogs. Additionally, human studies on using CBD have shown that CBD has a very high safety profile with no risk of abuse or addiction. It’s also impossible to overdose on CBD, meaning you can use as much as you want.

You can safely use Bully Bites for your pets without any concern about adverse effects. In the worst case scenario, your pet may experience a little sickness or diarrhea from too many treats. However, as long as you use them in moderation, you’ll likely see no side effects whatsoever.


Bully Bites CBD Pet Treats are safe, affordable, and great for your pets. If you want an easy way to administer cannabidiol to your furry friends, then the range of Bully Bites treats are a fantastic choice. You have three great flavors to choose from, all of which are packed with CBD to help with all kinds of symptoms.

Treating pets with CBD is becoming increasingly common, and using CBD treats is the best way to do so. It’s much more hassle-free than trying to administer CBD Oil or other forms of CBD to dogs. Plus, your dogs will be more than happy to get some delicious new treats. If your dog is suffering from health issues or you simply want to prevent health problems from occurring, Bully Bites are ideal for you.


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