July 14, 2019

5 Truths You Need to Know About Vaping

Vaping is becoming more and more popular as a safer alternative to smoking weed. Vaping involves using a vaporizer or vape pen to heat up cannabis strains, concentrates, and oils to produce inhalable vapor. Vaping gives you all of the same effects of smoking, but it also has many advantages over smoking. In fact, there are things that even experienced users may not know about vaping.

Although both smoking and vaping are great ways to enjoy cannabis, using a vaporizer or vape pen may take the edge based on some of these facts. So why exactly should you vape and what are the drawbacks? Here are five truths you need to know about vaping.

1. Vaping is Less Harmful Than Smoking Weed

One of the main reasons many users choose to vape weed instead of rolling a joint is that vaping is actually less harmful than smoking weed. Although smoking weed is much safer than smoking tobacco, burning any kind of product can result in you inhaling unwanted toxins into your body which can have unwanted effects.

In contrast, vaping heats up and creates vapor without any smoke. As such, you can vape cannabis without taking in many of the toxins you’d get from smoking it. Studies show that many users now choose vaping over smoking due to it being safer and healthier.

Vaping will give you the same effects and side effects you’d usually get from marijuana, only in a safer and healthier way. It gives you a way to inhale cannabis without the potentially harmful toxins you’d get from smoking. Vapor is much smoother and purer than smoke, which also makes it more enjoyable for many users.

2. Vaping Cannabis Produces Stronger Effects

The usual reason people choose to vape over smoking is that it’s seen as healthier. However, another thing you might not know about vaping is it can actually produce stronger effects. If you want a more intense high or longer-lasting effects, it might be worth dropping the joint and picking up a vape pen.

Vaping is Less Harmful Than Smoking Weed

The effects of both vaping and smoking cannabis were assessed in a 2018 study. The study found that when the same quantities of THC were consumed by smoking and vaping, vaping actually produced stronger effects.

There are many possible reasons for this. Vaping allows you to set the temperature, which allows you to choose the optimal heat for activating THC. It can also give you a clearer, more toxin-free high than smoking. Whichever way, it turns out that those who want a stronger high should try vaping instead of smoking.

3. You Can Vape Many Kinds of Cannabis Products

Another one of the benefits of vaping is its versatility. Although you can smoke various products if you get creative, vaping makes it easy to vaporize all kinds of weed strains, concentrates, oils, and even specially-designed vape juices.

The type of products you can smoke can depend on what vaporizer or vape pen you use. Some are designed for use purely with vape oils, some can be used with dry herbs, and some also allow you to use concentrates. Many vape pens on the market today also have interchangeable chambers so you can smoke all kinds of products.

Vaping cannabis can give you a great high already, but you can get even stronger effects by vaping concentrates. There are also all kinds of vape products you can use, including potent THC Oils and healthy CBD Oils. With so much variety and a range of affordable products, you can get tons of use out of your vaporizer.

4. Vaping Gives You More Flavor

Vaping is also ideal for those who want to taste more of the flavor from their cannabis strains. Each strain of weed has its own flavor profile due to the terpenes contained in the herb. However, while smoking often ruins the terpenoid profile, vaping enhances it.

You Can Vape Many Kinds of Cannabis Products

When you vape weed, you’ll taste much more of the terpenes of each strain. This is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs who want to savor the flavor of their weed. You can even adapt the temperature to bring out more of the terpenes and get even more rich and flavorful vapor.

The same applies to other vape products. You’ll taste more of the flavor of concentrate strains, and there are also all kinds of vape juices with incredible flavors to make vaping more enjoyable.

5. Vaping Isn’t Completely Risk-Free

Although vaping has tons of benefits and is healthier than smoking, you should still be aware of the usual risks of consuming cannabis. Vaping weed can be a great experience, but you should still stay aware of the possible drawbacks.

You’ll still get the usual euphoric effects of marijuana when you vape weed. You’ll also get the same medical benefits, such as relief for pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Of course, you’re also prone to the same side effects such as paranoia and poor memory. It’s best to vape slowly and take it one hit at a time, especially as vaping can produce stronger effects than smoking.

While vaping has been found to be healthier than smoking due to reduced toxins, it’s still a relatively new method of consumption and may not be completely risk-free. You should take special care to only buy vape products from legit sellers, especially as poorly made vape oils might still contain harmful additives. However, for the most part, vaping is a great experience and shouldn’t cause you any harm as long as you take the usual precautions.


If you want more flavor, stronger effects, and a healthier way to enjoy cannabis, it’s time to try out vaping. There are many smoke shops and even specialist vape shops where you can pick up vape pens, vaporizers, and all kinds of vape juices and oils. You can also buy vape products online and get them sent to your door.

While vaping can help you avoid the potential harm of smoking, you should still vape in moderation and only vape products from trusted sellers. But as long as you vape wisely, you should have nothing but enjoyable experiences with vaping.


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