May 14, 2019

5 Best Ways to Store Weed

Cannabis users can now legally buy weed online and store as much as they want at home. But while having a stash is helpful for any marijuana lover, you need to know the best ways to store weed to keep it fresh. Failing to store weed properly can degrade the bud, break down its components, and leave you with less potent and less flavorful weed. So how do you store weed to keep its freshness?

Light, heat, and moisture are all important components. To ensure maximum quality, you should store your weed somewhere where it’s cool, dark, and dry. Keep it away from light sources and ensure that there’s no moisture in your cannabis containers. Research shows that you can maintain the potency and freshness of your weed for up to two years if you store it properly, so taking a few measures can be hugely beneficial.

There are many different approaches when it comes to storing weed, from a glass container in the cupboard to specially designed cannabis humidors. Providing you can keep moisture and light out, you can ensure you get fresh buds every time. Here are some of the best ways to store weed properly.

1. Store Weed in Glass Containers

The simplest approach that most people take is to store their weed in glass containers. This method works perfectly fine as long as you follow a few simple rules. For a start, your container needs to be glass- substitutes such as plastic containers can sweat and cause damage to your cannabis. Your glass container also needs to have an airtight seal to avoid oxygen degrading the weed.

Glass jars that you use for food can work just as well as cannabis. For instance, handy household mason jars actually make for fantastic cannabis containers. Whichever way, make sure the container can be sealed tightly- a rubber seal is often the best for maintaining freshness.

It’s important to keep excess oxygen out of the jar, as oxygen can speed up the degradation process. Filling up your container as much as you can will help. Make sure the container is completely free from moisture and keep it in a cool, dry place such as a drawer or cupboard to keep your bud fresh and potent.

Store Weed in Glass Containers

2. Store Weed in a Humidor

It can be a little more expensive, but storing your stash in a cannabis humidor is particularly effective for maintaining its quality for years. Humidors are small, stylish, wooden containers which are designed to maintain the freshness of a product. You may be familiar with cigar humidors, but you can also find humidors designed specifically for storing weed.

It’s important to use a cannabis humidor- other kinds aren’t designed for weed. Companies like Cannador create custom humidors which keep weed at the ideal temperature to avoid any degradation. These containers also keep your products cool and dry, which is ideal for optimal cannabis storage.

Humidors are often quite expensive when you buy from major brands, but it’s a worthwhile investment for those who truly value their cannabis quality. You can usually find a range of brand-made and homemade humidors online.

3. Store Weed in a Stash Box

When you look for cannabis containers online, you’ll often find unique weed stash boxes which are designed for both protection and discretion. These often come in novel designs which hide the fact that you’re keeping cannabis in them.

These containers are usually good for keeping weed cool and dry. You can also find some stash boxes with temperature and humidity control, much like humidors. Prices can range widely with these products.

You can find these kinds of containers in various styles and designs. It’s best to go for wooden containers as these are generally the best for avoiding damage to your product and keeping it cool and dry. You can often buy stash boxes from head shops or even from online retailers.

4. Store Weed with Humidity Packs

For extra protection, you can store weed with Humidity Packs. These are small sachets which contain a saturated solution which provides two-way humidity control. These packs are used to prevent moisture and mold from accumulating with all kinds of products, and they’re particularly effective for maintaining the freshness of weed.

Popular brands include Boost and Boveda. They provide multiple different levels of humidity- usually, the 54% or 62% humidity packs are good for keeping cannabis containers at the right level of humidity. They’re also cheap enough that you can buy multiple packs to use across your stash.

All you need to do with these is add them to your container or humidor along with your cannabis. They’ll prevent moisture from building up which keeps your bud at top quality. If you grow your own marijuana, these packs are also perfect for curing harvested cannabis.

Store Weed in Vacuum Packs

5. Store Weed in Vacuum Packs

Another option is to store your weed in vacuum packs. The same approach used for vacuum sealing foods and other products can apply to cannabis. Add your cannabis to the vacuum pack, suck the air out, and you can keep your weed fresh for a long time.

Vacuum-sealing weed does have its drawbacks, though. Some kinds of plastic can degrade the quality of weed, so it’s important to use bags without any BPA. Also, while vacuum-sealing can be cheap, it can also take a bit more effort than other methods without the same rewards.

With that said, vacuum-sealing often comes in handy for growers who need to store mass amounts of weed for a long time in a cheap and efficient way. If you’re just storing your personal stash, glass or wooden containers are usually a much better approach.


Storing your weed properly can have big benefits. Not only will you keep your stash nice and potent, but effective storage also maintains the flavor and physical quality of your cannabis buds.

These are the five best ways to store weed. In general, glass containers are the most effective and cost-efficient approach. However, investing in a cannabis humidor can be worth it for serious cannabis connoisseurs. Spending a little extra on humidity packs can also go a long way to keeping weed fresh.


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